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The Turn of the Screw

The details: a letter, a locket, a riddle, a name. The words are her own- written in her diary in faded ink on the pages of seven days. This is the story she tells. It is a story of terror...and horror...and death. It made my very heart---stop."

Henry James classic "ghost" story tells the tale of a young governess just before the turn of the last century who is tasked with the care of two rather peculiar children at a country estate in England. Through a series of events, the governess comes to believe the children are possessed by the previous groundskeeper and governess who have since died. HCLAB company member Sean Spann (Talking to Terrorists, Road to Nirvana) and AoA alumni Emily Sulzburger play ten roles in Jeffrey Hatcher's brilliant and haunted adaptation.

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Three Days in the Country

Emily has had the absolute pleasure of assistant directing for Antaeus Theatre Company on this wonderful production of Three Days in the Country. Come and enjoy a fun night at the theatre!

'What's this A fresh, breezy update by Patrick Marber of Turgenev’s classic comedy A Month in the Country, this is a tale of unrequited passion, unfolding over the course of three days in the sunny Russian countryside. Full of wit, folly and heart, men and women, both young and old, learn the tender and ridiculous lessons of love.'

JULY 5th- AUGUST 26th 2018

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Copy Of -Picnic at Hanging Rock

Written by Joan Lindsay

Adapted by Tom Wright

Directed by Stephen Helper


A modern adaption of the cult classic; Picnic at Hanging Rock by Tom Wright, follows the journey of five Melbournian school girls who set out to understand the mystery of a group of young girls who mysteriously disappeared from Hanging Rock one hundred years ago.
This riveting production utilises haunting poetry and prose, diving deep into the bones of a century old tragedy. As age old secrets are uncovered, the girls quickly discover this harrowing tale is far too similar to their own. But once all is revealed, can they handle the truth that lurks beneath?

Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th October 2017
Thursday and Friday 7:30pm
Saturday 2pm & 7:30pm

Excelsia College Theatre 
69-71 Waterloo Road 
Macquarie Park
NSW, 2113

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The Technicolor Life

“As colorful as its title implies...Technicolor Life is like a bold burst of cherry red.” - MD THEATRE GUIDE

The Australian Premiere of the award winning TECHICOLOR LIFE by Jami Brandli is up next at The Depot Theatre.

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Hearts Like Fists

'Australian Premiere'
2016 Graduation Performance

A sexy trio of Crimefighters scour New York city hunting for the costumed villain, Doctor X, who lurks in the shadows waiting to stab unsuspecting lovers with his lethal syringe. Meanwhile Lisa, a heartbreaker who packs a punch of her own, is falling hook line and sinker for the once bitten-twice shy medic Dr. Peter, whose tireless crusade to save the city rests on his ability to invent the perfect artificial heart.

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SMASHED by Lally Katz

If you're a lover of comedy, fantasy, gossip, time travel, holidays, zombies, DNM’s, cars, daydreaming, outer space and friendships then this is the play for you!

Performance Dates: 3,4,5,6,7th May 2016 @ 9:30 pm

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